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Oh my, I’ve been reading several articles about how to go back to the classic editor but they say I have to upgrade my account. What???

A friend at Facebook had this delivered to me this afternoon. It is called Sedum Japonica or gold moss sedum. Another practice at attaching a photo. My goodness I really have to learn this well otherwise I won’t enjoy posting without the occasional picture that I attach. My question is, how would you place this at the center of the post since I could no longer see that option whether you want to have it left, center or right? I was so excited I already transferred some to three tiny pots. Don’t you just love its color?


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Harhar…don’t mind this, I am just practicing how to upload an image here. These are the three pots of my Adenium seedlings. Look at the first one, it has a smaller sprout so this will make it four. Hopefully, they would thrive.

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