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Promises To Myself

Oh goodness, they finally changed it to the block editor. Wow, just wow! I don’t like it.

I promised myself to blog every day and I missed yesterday. It is October 2 now here in our country but WordPress is still dated October 1, that is until 8 am, our time. It is now 7:13 am.

There is a problem with our Social Security Pension, they changed the rules in crediting our money without properly informing us. I haven’t received my September pension yet and it’s already October. This government really sucks. That is our money we are talking about here. Last month, they discovered the 15B anomaly in our Philhealth. We contribute a certain amount here based on our salary nas instead of investigating the officers of the said govt. entity, duterte just allowed him to resign and they are talking of just scrapping it one of these days. What about our contributions which help us pay our hospital bills when we are hospitalized. Crazy, crazy government. They are now trying to discredit Facebook and duterte said he would ban it in our country just because Facebook cleaned up all those troll farms in favor of duterte. Maybe he is forgetting he won in the 2016 election because of using fake news and these trolls who are being paid at the expense of us, the taxpayers. I am fed up.

Two days ago, Nissa sent us a box of Peri-Peri chicken with all the condiments (barbeque sauces) and side dishes as a treat on her birthday. Such delicious treat.

I promised myself to start propagating some of my plants here. I started a few days ago and yesterday my seedling bags arrived. Now I could transfer some of them. All the three seeds I ordered online have now sprouted. I hope they would grow into those flowering Adeniums soon.

Gosh, I am having a hard time using this new block editor. I don’t even know how to add photos and use the tags and categories. So in this post, there are none of those.


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