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He had his fur trimmed late this afternoon. they have to go to the vet’s clinic late so there won’t be so many people around.

It’s the best trim I’ve ever seen so far. Before, he had shorter trim than this because his hair had lots of tangles when it stays long. Hmm…he smells so good. The dog shampoo they used smells heavenly. Pet grooming at its best.

Best pose Oreo?  The whiskers are defined…haha!


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We had our  two steel gates repaired today. And since the gates themselves are still okay and sturdy,  what they did was to cut an inch of the portion adjoining the grills on the lower portions of the gate and attached a 2-inch flat bar, to  that portion which is beginning to rust. Since only primer paint was applied, we have to repaint again. Josef said that is easy, he’ll do the repainting, the two gates need two colors, Spanish red for the gates and cream for the attached bars. A  three-hour job cost me P3,000 pesos.

I always forget distinguishing paints used for wood, metal and concrete. I have to write it down again. Enamel paint is for metals and wood. Latex paint is for concrete. Elastomeric paint is for roof.  There you go. And you don’t normally use paint thinner for enamel paints.

It hasn’t rained since the start of September and the weather looks like summer. For the first time this afternoon, it is dark outside. I love the rain, that is when it doesn’t bring flash floods and when it does not wreck havoc  to low-lying areas like ours.  I love it when I don’t need to water the plants every day. The earth easily dries up because of the heat.

How was your Sunday?  I hope you are all doing good.


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