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I called up two friends last night. One is presently on a holiday with her family somewhere in Portugal and I missed greeting her on her birthday three days ago. Another one is a DJ and a teacher whom I met in some of our gatherings in our Catholic group and during Lovell’s two ordinations to Diaconate and Priesthood. Oh my, our conversations reached more than an hour. When you have something to share, the minutes seem to fly.

Finally found some books by Taylor Caldwell online. She was a British-born American novelist and a prolific author of popular fiction. The very first time I heard of her was when one of her novels, Captains And The Kings was adapted on television many, many years ago. Dad, mom and my brothers were regular viewers back then. I haven’t had the chance to read the latter and I am trying to find a copy until now. It was a mini-series, a rags to riches tale of an Irish immigrant in late 1800s. I am mostly into historical fiction. I started reading Ceremony of the Innocent last night and I like the writing style of the author. She clearly has a way with words. The book was published in 1983.

I’m on my 87th read on the Goodreads Reading Challenge. Thirteen more books to go….hooray!

How’s your Sunday? Keep safe everyone!


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