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My brothers and I grew up in the company of my maternal grandmother and a spinster aunt when we were in grade school. (BTW, my auntie  is now 98, the only living sister of mom).  During summer, dad would take his vacation from school works and  he is usually with mom when he comes back to the province. Mom stays with him part of the year  but they always come back during Christmas and school break.

Back then, we were the only one in our barrio who had deep well but we got water manually from it.  Our place is high up the mountain so water supply was scarce during the summer months. Good thing the whole place have an electric pump now and we converted our deep well into a water pump.  Those days, my mom and my aunt would wash our clothes in the river which lies about two kilometers from our place. We would go with them, bringing towels and change of clothing.  What I loved was that we would also bring something for snacks –  biscuits, boiled peanuts or sweet potato and  some lunch of  fried fish or scrambled egg with rice. There used to be a set of mess kit and tin can  from the US army which my grandmother had kept all those years.  It was so practical using them for the “labada” adventures.

There was this shed made of  dried coconut leaves and bamboo as trunks. The water was only knee-deep. It was  nice taking a bath lying in the middle of the river. My oldest brother would sometimes bring goggles so he could stay long in the water. Despite all those summer days of bathing in the river, I never learned how to swim although mom was a good swimmer. Dad taught me how to float in the deeper end of the river but I was always afraid if my toes didn’t touch the ground.   I never took a swim even in our road trips to beaches years ago. I just dip myself and let my hair wet. I’d rather find sea glass or shells  along the beach.

Last night, I dreamed of our old house again and those river visits. There are  those times when you wish you were a child again.

The view from our house.

The river is calm, you can take a morning dip anytime.

Those summer days…..precious!


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They’ve been telling us this for quite a while now but some of those in the government are not following the rules. Do they think they are exempted?

Several MRT (metro rail transit) personnel were found positive of COVID-19, how could they do contact tracing now when they deal with  thousands of metro riders every day?  Unless of course, these passengers would opt voluntarily to be tested? We’ve breached the 50,000 mark and it keeps on rising. To think we had the longest lockdown in history of the Asian nations.


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