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I wonder why for three straight nights now, I kept dreaming of our old house in the province, younger Josef and Nissa, mom and dad. In my dream, my dad was still very much alive. Sometimes, I could not remember the details. Don’t know what it means.

Got this lovely frame from a friend. I like the positive thoughts it brings.

July is rapidly inching its way in.  This is supposed to be my month-ender blog  but there is nothing much that happened during the month of June except celebrating Jovy’s and Josef’s  birthdays.  All I  did was to fix the garden and read. Yes, I found more books by Carlos Ruiz Zafón who died last June 19, 2020. Zafón’s follow-up, The Angel’s Game , is a prequel to The Shadow of the Wind. His third in the series,The Prisoner of Heaven  is the sequel to The Shadow of the Wind. I have them both. I also found other books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Just finished No One Writes to the Colonel, a novella.

I am delighted to find more authors to follow and more books to read. If there is one positive  thing that this COVID-19 brought us, it’s enough time to bond with the family.

Proud to tell you of my new harvest the other day. Jackfruit cooked in coconut cream with small slices of pork or shrimps, the best vegetable in this side of town. I still have three more which are already  large enough to ripen maybe in about a month.



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