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Now you know. It’s the gargantuan effect of this pandemic and how are government is treating it not as a medical problem but almost all of those in place to combat it are military personnel.

We don’t have to go far. Here in our village, those who are working in small businesses are left jobless. I have a friend who used to be one of the volunteers when we were under ECQ last month. He hasn’t been feeling well but he was advised to go on leave from work for fourteen days. He is okay now but still waiting for a swab test to isolate him that it is not COVID. He is worried where he will get enough to support his family because  he is temporarily indisposed.

Early this morning I chanced upon a vendor selling mussels and some fish. He said they are just allowed to pass through our subdivision but not to sell their produce. I bought three kilos though of fish since it is so costly to buy those frozen ones at the grocery store.

Former Sen. Trillanes challenged the government that if they cannot handle this problem (spike is significant and the numbers keep going up every day) despite all the CQs (community quarantine) they’ve been announcing since March, they’d better let VP Leni take over the presidency. She is working quite well with the private sector with a very little budget provided by the government. Donations are coursed through  her office mostly.

One of the advisers of the IATF (Inter Agency Task Force) was sacked a few days ago since he has been critical of the way they are handling this pandemic. He is a doctor and he sees those loopholes being done.  If you are one of their critics, you are an enemy too. Sad story.



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