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Ah, PAGASA, our weather bureau has finally declared the onset of rainy season yesterday. Summer is over. Goodbye summer. Except for the extreme heat, you have been somehow significant bringing sad news to the nation. Anyway, I hope the rainy season would not bring those dreaded strong typhoons this year.

Don’t laugh but lately, for the last three days, I’ve been reading short stories/short novels about Christmas. Christmas in June?  Why not?  If it means a little inspired despite this gargantuan problem named COVID-19, so be it. The truth is, I enjoy those stories related to my favorite season of the year. We may not have snow, we may not have those days that we have to go out in full gear battling the cold weather but we definitely have those cold nights of December that last until the end of February.  Maybe this year, we may not be able to celebrate the season the way we used to but I have enough memories of Christmas past that make me smile just remembering.  And sometimes I laugh too while reminiscing. Crazy, isn’t  it?

Gosh, we find ways to make the days worthwhile despite reading all the bad news brought by this pandemic. We try to stay normal in these days they call “new normal”.

Sometimes, a soul out there in cyberspace echoes your own thoughts and you smile because you remember your own struggle with words. Hooray to blogging!!!

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