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I have just read Charles Martin’s Chasing Fireflies. What a lovely, lovely read.

I remember those tiny, tiny insects  that we used to catch too at night back home in the province. We would place them in a small glass jar with small holes in the lid/cover. It is so nice to see their butts light themselves every few seconds.

Fireflies, where art thou now?  I wonder if they still exist. There are no fireflies here in the city.  Are they really disappearing?

Image from Treehugger

You can just see stars shining brightly on a dark and cloudless sky at night. A few nights ago, I woke in the middle of the night  and the eastern side of my room’s window was all light. I then  saw the full moon in all its glory. I wanted to go out and take a shot but  I felt so sleepy. I missed  another opportunity to take a photo. I’ve done it before, waking up at an ungodly hour and taking photos of some of my plants using a flash.

Early this morning I visited the garden. What a joy, I don’t have to water the plants caused it rained the whole of yesterday and last night too. I took shots of the different shades of Zinnia blooms. And wonder of wonders, my Bougainvillea is finally showing some dainty flowers. The pink ones at the corner of our property wall died on me about a year ago. I thought this one was going to die too because I placed it in a plastic pot.  I need to trim its branches but I am not sure if  they would grow in another pot. Hoping they would so I could transfer them outside.

How’s your morning? Or should I say how was your day yesterday?  I hope it is another lovely one for us today, COVID-free and all.


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