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I was watering the plants one morning when two teenagers passed by. They were looking at me and one of them removed his face mask and smiled.  I smiled back but I was quite puzzled.  Then one of them said “kami po yung nagpupunta dati dito pag baha”.

I remember now. They were those two kids around nine or ten who came over to volunteer to help us clean when we got flooded  back in 2009. They cleaned our side yard and our small pond and we gave them food and a little cash. How time flies!  “Mga mama na”.  They no longer look like teenagers. I also remember two labandera  who looked for jobs after the flood and they washed our clothes for about a week by hand. We had no electricity for about three weeks that time. We had to buy dozens of clothes hangers for them to use.

Rainy reason is almost here. I am afraid of floods. We had to renovate when we got flooded back then. I  am always wary when rainy season sets in and typhoons are frequent. We get an average of 18 to 20 weather disturbances in a year.  I just like that sort of rain which we call tigatik,  when it falls down gently on your roof and you have  a hot cup of coffee or tea besides you while you are reading a good book.  Heaven 🙂


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