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I wonder why for three straight nights now, I kept dreaming of our old house in the province, younger Josef and Nissa, mom and dad. In my dream, my dad was still very much alive. Sometimes, I could not remember the details. Don’t know what it means.

Got this lovely frame from a friend. I like the positive thoughts it brings.

July is rapidly inching its way in.  This is supposed to be my month-ender blog  but there is nothing much that happened during the month of June except celebrating Jovy’s and Josef’s  birthdays.  All I  did was to fix the garden and read. Yes, I found more books by Carlos Ruiz Zafón who died last June 19, 2020. Zafón’s follow-up, The Angel’s Game , is a prequel to The Shadow of the Wind. His third in the series,The Prisoner of Heaven  is the sequel to The Shadow of the Wind. I have them both. I also found other books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Just finished No One Writes to the Colonel, a novella.

I am delighted to find more authors to follow and more books to read. If there is one positive  thing that this COVID-19 brought us, it’s enough time to bond with the family.

Proud to tell you of my new harvest the other day. Jackfruit cooked in coconut cream with small slices of pork or shrimps, the best vegetable in this side of town. I still have three more which are already  large enough to ripen maybe in about a month.



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This was posted by one Adam Sharp on Tweetdeck:

They are names of people who read a lot.

  • Bookworm (English)
  • Book flea (Indonesian)
  • Library mouse (Romanian)
  • Read-rat (German)
  • Ink drinker (French)
  • Reading horse (Danish)

I’d like to be called a voracious  reader though.  In Tagalog, it means adik sa libro…..

Are you one of those who has insatiable thirst to buy and buy books even if you still have lots of TBR (to be read) ones? Or are you one of those who collects one particular author  because you loved the first book  you have read of her/him?  I am afraid I am one. There was a time when I got crazy over Barbara Taylor Bradford, Leon Uris, Robin Cook, Luanne Rice, Robert Ludlum, Nicholas Evans, Nicholas Sparks (Nissa buys almost all of his books as her gifts to me), Ken Follett and  Rosamunde Pilcher. Now I am into Charles Martin, Lisa Wingate, Richard Paul Evans, Mary Oliver, GGM and I like to read the other books of  Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Amy Harmon and so many more.  I am discovering new books thru Goodreads.


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In my various foray of those sellers online in our subdivision, I chanced upon someone selling Puto Cassava but it had to be ordered in advance. I didn’t know about this kind of snack until I saw the ad yesterday. We usually make cassava into cakes, suman (steamed in banana leaves) and maruya ( fried and toasted in a bit of sugar).

So cheap for P20 pesos each.  I ordered four and it was delivered here still hot. It was topped with bukayo (grated young coconut cooked in a little sugar). Since the Cassava itself is not sweet, it was perfect.

Paired with this hot mug of Matcha green tea, it was a yummy snack. Mom had a cup of hot choco.

These online sellers are definitely trying to make both ends meet by selling everything from food, make-ups, groceries, appliances like cellphones, electric fans  and even LED lights. You can even contact an online doctor and seek an appointment and they will visit you at home. Beauty parlors are now open too but  it would take you a long time to enter their shoppe.

I read somewhere about the difficulties of some of our fellow Filipinos whose jobs were closed in the middle of this pandemic.  Wayback when Josef and Jovy had their aircon installed last April, they found an all-around carpenter, plumber, electrician all rolled into one. At the start even if he and his assistant only stayed for half a day, Josef and Jovy provided them with free snack and lunch from KFC, paid them more than the usual rate and gave them around six kilos of rice on their way home.  Oliver lives nearby but he has no permanent job so he just rely on what is available. We call him now and then to fix things here. Josef also gave him food during his birthday last week.  At first we asked for his rate but he said it was up to us,  what we can afford to give so giving him a little more is our way of helping a bit. There was one who ventured into the hotel business and loaned from banks but when two of his hotels were about to be opened, quarantine was declared so it’s gone kaput. Now he needs to pay the banks but the establishments are not earning enough to meet the expenses.

One more observation:

I wonder what that aerial survey in Cebu was all about.  Can it cure COVID-19? They’re making it appear like it’s a war between the people and the military. Di po ba COVID ANG KALABAN? Those tanks and several soldiers deployed in Cebu are just making the people afraid. Have they ever thought of our economy?

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Gosh, it took me so long to get in touch with this online Pharmacy where I have ordered last month. I sent them the required prescriptions, Senior citizen’s IDs and the number of tablets/capsules which are good for one month. I sent it through Messenger but I tried contacting them this morning via phone. They have so many orders online since they placed their ads  on FB. Good thing, the pharmacist I talked to was so accommodating.

It is quite hard to go to Mercury Drug nowadays to fill up a prescription because of the long line of buyers who are mostly senior citizens. I don’t want Josef to stand in line for so long under the heat of the sun so I opted to order online, never mind if they have delivery fees and you have to wait for at least two days for them to deliver it.

This is the “new normal” so to speak. Senior citizens are now allowed to go out for basic necessities but deep inside, one is afraid to get caught outside because of this pandemic. I tried going out at the nearby “talipapa” here the other day. Just bought chicken and a kilo of pork. Good thing yesterday, Josef and Jovy bought one week supply for us because they will be staying at Jovy’s grandmother’s place starting today until Monday morning because they are on leave from work.   Haha, Oreo is excited, he is missing going around with them when they go out. He has his vaccines yesterday. They found a vet near our place.

Sometimes one gets bored just staying inside the house and puttering around  the garden. I am grateful I have my books with me to pass the time away. One doesn’t get bored reading. Right now, I am in the middle of  reading The Key To Rebecca by Ken Follett. If you love The Eye of the Needle and  The Pillars of the Earth and the two succeeding books, you’ll love this too. What’s not to love about anything historical?  I am looking forward to another book of his entitled  Jackdaws. 

And here is my observation for the day:

For them, there is a more serious and pressing matter – changing the name of NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport).  What a misplaced priority 😦


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I just finished  trimming the carabao grass early this morning. I’m happy my plants are well. Just updated my garden blog.

I posted some pics at my FB site and one of my friends who loves gardening too identified a plant  that I could not remember its name.

So this is called Scarlet Bush or Don Manuel. It is an easy to maintain plant. Just planted a sapling over a year ago. And it blooms non-stop.

I love this photo. Touched by the sun. That little orange Bougainvillea flower in front of our grotto was lighted by the rising sun.  I am propagating this, cut two stems a week ago and they are thriving well in two pots.

My Adenium bore seeds again and I planted them in small pots until they are old enough to be transferred.

Gardening is such a joy, don’t you think?

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Took these shots a while ago. We had an early dinner, some sort of late lunch too. Another birthday to remember. I just wished that Nissa’s family was here with us.

the birthday boy at 36

Of course, Oreo wouldn’t be left behind.


KFC fried chicken sent by Nissa via Grab.

A tray of Lumpiang Shanghai, Lechon Kawali and Embutido

Pancit Malabon

Pusit Sisig

We have a dessert of Carrot cake

and Tiramisu

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Today is my son’s 36th birthday, a COVID birthday…haha!

Anyway, I was trying to take his yearly birthday photo but he said, his hair is still a little long and he has a moustache so to speak.  I am pretty sure it would be a quiet birthday celebration for the four us. Nissa is still afraid to go out with Nate in tow even with the car. She is susceptible because it was just a little over nine months since she had her major thyroid operation.

I wonder what we’ll have for today considering we don’t have that much food inside the ref. They said they will go out later to get Jovy’s order for lunch. Gone are the days when we used to buy our food supply for two weeks at the wet market. Josef and Jovy just buy what we need every two or three days from the grocery just outside the subdivision’s gate and we order cooked food  from neighbors when I am so lazy to cook. Helping them with their small businesses since the lockdown.

Last night I found this vendor  in our neighborhood selling shorts, boxer shorts, square pants etc so I decided to order some for Josef since I could not go out to buy him a gift.  Haven’t left the house in almost three months.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR Son and Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there.

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Now you know. It’s the gargantuan effect of this pandemic and how are government is treating it not as a medical problem but almost all of those in place to combat it are military personnel.

We don’t have to go far. Here in our village, those who are working in small businesses are left jobless. I have a friend who used to be one of the volunteers when we were under ECQ last month. He hasn’t been feeling well but he was advised to go on leave from work for fourteen days. He is okay now but still waiting for a swab test to isolate him that it is not COVID. He is worried where he will get enough to support his family because  he is temporarily indisposed.

Early this morning I chanced upon a vendor selling mussels and some fish. He said they are just allowed to pass through our subdivision but not to sell their produce. I bought three kilos though of fish since it is so costly to buy those frozen ones at the grocery store.

Former Sen. Trillanes challenged the government that if they cannot handle this problem (spike is significant and the numbers keep going up every day) despite all the CQs (community quarantine) they’ve been announcing since March, they’d better let VP Leni take over the presidency. She is working quite well with the private sector with a very little budget provided by the government. Donations are coursed through  her office mostly.

One of the advisers of the IATF (Inter Agency Task Force) was sacked a few days ago since he has been critical of the way they are handling this pandemic. He is a doctor and he sees those loopholes being done.  If you are one of their critics, you are an enemy too. Sad story.


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Just done with another book by Charles Martin called Where The River Ends. a beautiful story about love, commitment, sacrifice and a journey of faith as well.

I can totally relate because I’ve been there too almost eleven years ago. The only difference is that this is a work of fiction while my experience was real.  You know that thing they call slash, poison and burn. Went through the slash thing followed by poison but luckily, I didn’t undergo the burn option. when you think of those days that you have been incapacitated and you lived by faith and trust in God, you feel lucky that you were given a second chance at life.

Martin writes from the heart. The harsh realities of undergoing chemotherapy treatment, the almost lifeless  feeling once you are done with one session of it, the hope, the despair and when relationships go awry because your partner cannot cope with the emotional side of things. This is true in real life. This is actually my 8th read of his books and I love them all. I am actually looking for more.


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