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Yesterday was a quiet, oh so quiet birthday celebration for mom. Come to think of it, she didn’t even know it was her birthday so I had to remind her. She even asked how old she is now. 91 I think is a great age. There is a saying that says that when you reached 80, you are doubly blessed.  I agree.  Those reaching this age have  probably enjoyed life fully. Still standing tall with occasional pain in the joints, frequent forgetfulness that needs reminding now and then.

I cooked Ziti pasta for mom and ordered 6 rolls of embutido online, left-over bibingka for dessert, Tang apple juice for drinks.  Josef went to Mercury Drugstore yesterday to buy medicines for us. There was a long line of customers, he waited for two hours. My online order of Vitamin C capsules arrived today. It will tide us over for the next two to three months.

I am reminded of those  doctors we have lost, specialists in their own fields, at the prime of their lives and careers. They lost to this virus while saving more lives in the process.  It’s only now that this government is getting  focused in this pandemic. It would be a hard decision for them if they will lift this lockdown or not. Prolong it and so many people will get hungry. Many live on day to day basis relying on food packs from the government. Some breadwinners of the family lost their job at the beginning of the lockdown. Prolong it and the economy will suffer too. Lift it and more people would go out  while our hospitals are still full to the brim. Our frontliners are overworked  and some are underpaid. Mass testing is ongoing but it hasn’t made a dent yet on the number of people infected.  The curve hasn’t flattened yet so to speak. Statistics is still rising. What more if those who are in their homes now would go back to their supposedly “normal” activities and they get infected, we lack facilities to accommodate them.

Not all Filipinos  stand to benefit on the Social Amelioration Program of the government,  emergency subsidies to help the people cope with the effects of COVID-19. There are more exceptions than those qualified to receive it. Even seniors like us are exempted with the government saying that we have our monthly pension. Some sectors are sadly neglected.

Here’s my simple prayer for everyone: Lord, help us to hang on no matter what storms tomorrow brings.

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