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Haven’t have the strength do anything else  and my ever reliable PC comes in handy.  And in between taking a peek at my Facebook site and occasional chats with long-lost friends, I’ve  done some gardening  and uploaded some photos on my hard drive.  I am finally appreciating watching TV, something I’ve never cared  about before.  The things you do to combat boredom. And for the first time in  a week,  I’ve finished a book  by David Baldacci called Divine Justice. I’d rather read thrillers nowadays instead of other genre. It makes for good reading at a time days are so uncertain.  I am tired though of watching those nonsense speeches done close to midnight when everyone is sleepy. I wonder why.

Well, we are still under lockdown but some people seem to ignore those hours that they’re not supposed to go out except to procure medicines, groceries and buy food for their daily needs.  Starting tomorrow here in our town, curfew hours were changed to 3pm until 6am. People are only allowed to go out from 6am to 3pm.  We haven’t bought Mom’s maintenance medicine yet, what we have here is only good for two more weeks. It’s her 91st birthday on Monday. Most medicines that people need for high blood pressure, vitamins  and for sugar are out of stock.

I tried ordering online some barley capsules and vitamin C but it hasn’t arrived yet. A week ago, I also ordered some veggies online. They were delivered the next day – tomatoes, okra, eggplants,  upo (bottle gourd), corn,  banana  and string beans.

I planted eggplant seeds early this morning and some seeds of string beans. For the first time this month, it rained, somehow diffusing the heat  we’ve been experiencing the past several days. It is summer here now. Hopefully, I’ll have seedlings in a few days.  People are encouraged to plant those easy to grow veggies. If one has enough space, why not?



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