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I’ve been searching for some sites for meaningful recollection this Holy Week. One thing good that this virus brought is that we are able to choose which mass to attend every day because almost all churches here in Metro Manila go on live streaming.  You can certainly attend mass every day, some are scheduled in the morning, noon time and six in the evening.

Trying to concentrate too on reading but as I have said before, I get easily distracted. I started on The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy  but even that nicely written book does not do anything. It’s another book set in India. This Covid-19 destroys my concentration.

Here at the house, we are more focused on the latest news, how the government does its job of reassuring the people  but I still can’t feel the trust accorded by the people to how  this is being run. Too many inconsistencies, too many lies.  It might seem laughable to you but I check our pantry now and then although I know we have enough for the next three weeks. Lockdown was extended until the end of the month.  Sometimes, one’s main problem is what to cook the following day or the following meal. We couldn’t just rely on canned goods, right? I miss  having fish on the menu and since it is Holy Week, we are trying to abstain from eating meat.  Pasta with Spanish sardines, gonna try that on Friday. My Messenger app is alway busy. I call friends every day trying to know how they are.  That’s the beauty of having a wi-fi connection.

How are you all? Keep safe always.

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