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Choose Two

Okay, let’s have a game. Which would you choose? I saw this from my newsfeed posted  by a friend who is bored  with nothing to do.

I chose Number 4 and  13. How about you guys?


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Nissa sent this last night. I just laughed. Nate is so creative. And he sometimes argue with Nissa when he knows he has a point.

Pag ikaw yung basag trip/kontrabida sa buhay ng anak mo:

Nate, playing with his Lego: Look at the base camp I made Mom! It has all kinds of machine guns, missiles and bombs.
Me: What’s that?
Nate: A mini gun.
Me: Doesn’t look like one to me.
Nate: It looks like a mini gun to me. Let’s just use MY IMAGINATION Mom!

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