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The sun is hot.

31 °C is like summer but it is not yet officially declared.

Apart from the occasional motorcycles passing by, the road is empty. They made us to apply for a quarantine pass (one in each house) which we will use to run errands for the family. What is annoying with this is that, they will only allow that person written on the card to go out. Couldn’t they have made it at least a “bearer card”? The things they do, hindi pinag-isipan.

Yesterday Josef and Jovy went to Mercury Drug to buy medicines for mom. Some medicines like Vitamin C are out of stock. Even the grocery store they went to outside our gate needs to replenish its goods. I don’t know how long the lockdown will last, supposedly it is for another three weeks but the dirty old man they call our president wanted emergency powers on top of all what he was privileged to do to the country. He proposed a take-over of private corporations if public safety is at risk. I wonder why, the past days even before the numerous floods in various provinces, the Taal volcano eruption and now this CoVID-19 virus, he has been a no-show except to mouth directives left and right. He is clearly not in control of the situation. One netizen remarked: “He has already made a mess of his legally constituted presidential powers; imagine how much more mess he would do with emergency powers!” Our enemy is the corona virus but they are not addressing it properly. The cases at the moment are rising, bringing the total to 396 cases. 33 have died while 18 have recovered . Lockdown is useless if they won’t do enough testing for those PUIs and PUMs in our midst. What is even more annoying is that, there are VIPs (senators and government officials) who insisted to have the test together with their families. Those kits could have been used to those people who badly need them. Come to think of it, these government officials wanted immediate results even if they haven’t shown any symptom. What the____. Mapapamura ka talaga.

We already lost four doctors who are specialists in their fields. We have lots of medical frontliners who have been found positive of the virus. They were the most vulnerable since they deal with patients with positive cases every day. Earlier, the congressmen and the cabinet secretaries put up a sign on a manila paper that says, ” together with doctors and frontliners, we went to work for you so please stay at home for us”. The nerve of these people. they are shameless to compare and align themselves with doctors and frontliners. They were only there this morning just to approve duterte’s request for emergency powers. Gaya-gaya.

Except for the hum of the electric fan around my feet, everything is quiet. Even Oreo is asleep.


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