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I’ve only been absent here for a day and yet, I have to remove those ugly and unnecessary comments  in my spam folder. Thank you Akismet.  I have to remove a certain follower who followed me a few days ago, when I looked at her/his site, it’s all garbage, full of sexual innuendos and titles that I dare not open.  I wonder why some people spend their time posting something anathema to others.

Josef, Jovy and Oreo came home  early this morning after a three-day stay In Baler, Quezon.  I told Oreo he smells like the beach…haha! Maybe he missed me too because he stayed in my room when  they arrived.

Got this lovely mug from Josef  designed with surfing people and with a cute summer message. They also brought home a large bundle of the native suman in Baler. Suman  is a rice cake cooked in different style in various provinces. I love the pack of white onions they bought, nice for scrambled eggs with a bit of tomatoes or as toppings for Bistek Tagalog (beefsteak).

It seems that this present government is not really prepared for this Covid-19. For a long while, there were only three positive cases then it jumped to 33 today. It took them a month before they announced that  quarantine period should be observed by incoming passengers  from places affected by COVID-19 all except, hold your breath, duterte’s best friend china.  According to news, there were around more than 500,000 thousand chinese from December last year  who arrived in our shores. Come to think of it, most of them freely roam the country. The Dept. of  Health is  tracing contacts  since  a patient (the one from our town in Cainta) was found positive of the virus last Saturday.  Most of those 33 people are from Metro Manila. I was trying to understand duterte’s speech about the virus in front of the local  officials in Malacanang yesterday but it was all garbled.  Nonsense so to speak. Compare that to VP Robredo’s message to the public  and they are a mile apart. My gosh, the things we have to endure. Classes are suspended until Saturday to give time to local officials to fumigate and clean their respective places.

Keep safe everyone. COVID 19 is a real threat to all of us.


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