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I am bringing back some of my earlier posts when most of us haven’t met yet in this platform. I have made three previously. The early years of blogging.

When books are just the blessing that you need.

My daughter asked me again if I want to buy a Nook or a Kindle so we could save on space and I told her I am not yet ready  to give up turning the pages and smelling  a new book in my hands. Suffice to say, the magic of words come alive in every page and the good thing is it makes for a good feel seeing one’s book collection prettily lining up the walls.I arranged them by authors.  I was surprised to see those which I thought were gone but were just behind the arranged ones.  Nissa has utilized every space, so to speak. I even found the flower press kit that we bought together a long time ago.(https://arlene1956.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/lost-in-books-once-more/)

And here’s one for the books.

There is something so special, so endearing and so poignant about a mother and child relationship. The wonder of having those tiny hands curl up in yours and those lopsided grins even when your baby is asleep.  The many firsts that you’ll witness in your baby’s young life – the first school day, when she goes home crying because she misses you, the first time she could write her name and proudly shows you how it’s done, the first heartaches of teenage crushes. I could go on and on but those times are well-remembered with joy and fondness. Nissa and I have a different kind of sharing now and it’s all about our new baby.

It’s another lovely weekend, my day is complete when my kids are around. And I remember what Sophia Loren once said,  “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.  A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.” (https://arlene1956.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/just-another-lovely-weekend)

When I felt the effect of the chemotherapy a couple of years after I’m done.

Sometimes I wish I could stay in a nicer place where everything I see is white! It may be a blanket of white flowers or some fluffy cotton candy clouds that put a smile on my face….always. There are times when loneliness creeps in (can’t be helped) like a  steady rhythm that beats and works  its way into the innermost fiber of your being. There are times when being alone is most magnified  and you tend to see things like you’ve never seen  before. I am always grateful though that my little garden gives me a sense of peace and belonging, an uncomplaining companion that does not say, “you never have time”. Believe me, if I am well enough to stay in the sun for long, I will. Things are not the same now unlike three years ago. The effect of medications and chemotherapy has left me a little breathless at times, easy to get tired and always  lacks sleep. It zaps you of strength even if there is that adrenalin rush to do something else.  (https://arlene1956.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/did-you-just-say-its-all-white/)

And more about blogging.

Every time I visit  a new site here (which is not often) since sometimes I visit WordPress just to post my own and check my stats for the day,  I often wonder how long this particular person has shared  his or her own journey with the world. I love reading early posts and think of how the blogger has evolved throughout the years. It’s kind of amazing how in the daily exercise  in writing , even such mundane topics like what you had for lunch or dinner, there is always something that somehow leaves a smile on your face or something  that would make you ask , “Why didn’t I blog about that?”  or Why didn’t I think of that?”  https://arlene1956.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/how-blogging-makes-me-smile/

And watching the rain.

There is a certain kind of fascination watching raindrops though. It was just a week ago when I attempted to walk in the rain, savoring the sound it created on my small umbrella. Look where it got me, colds and sore throat.  And I had this dream of catching the rain on my cam  and see if I could create that perfect shot where I could clearly see the slant of  raindrops. Another crazy idea, I guess  but well, one could indulge a little and satisfy a curiosity long dreamed of.  (https://arlene1956.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/the-rains-are-bubbles-from-the-sky/)

And the pain is clearly felt….sometimes!

When you are on the brink of despair and self-doubt, when you feel so much pain because of circumstances happening around you, a simple “hi” or “hello” would bring so much joy to your heart. But sometimes, even that is hard to find in this “dog eats dog world” of  ours. Some people are just indifferent.

I saw the sun’s face today, briefly, but it is enough reassurance that  the sun always shines after the rain.   (https://arlene1956.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/ramblings-3/)

And the last for now…my 1,000th post.

Congratulations Arlene! 

You may laugh at this, congratulating myself in reaching my 1000th blog. Mind you, it was all a labor of love and a lot of hard work thinking of what to share and remembering the events in my life which are worth sharing.  Documenting one’s own frailties, insecurities, battles and happy thoughts takes a lot of  courage, more so if you are doing it publicly through a blog. One thing though that I don’t regret doing is sharing my plight as a cancer patient and survivor. I started this three years ago right after I found out I had colon cancer. Each of us has her own coping mechanism and mine was writing my thoughts and sharing it with the world. I’ve always said and I will say it again that if I could touch a single soul out there who’ll draw a little inspiration on what I went through, then that would be enough, it would make me happy.  To my surprise, a few online friends found some of my blogs helpful in their own journey, having experienced the same thing that I did.  Kindred spirits, if I must say.     (https://arlene1956.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/my-1000th-post-at-wordpress/)






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