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It was like the way you long for a lovely sunshine when you wake up or probably pancakes with hot syrup and butter on a Saturday morning.

You love the peace and quiet of a Sunday  morning. You love to listen to old, old music from the past.

Saturdays and Sundays, perfect time to reminisce and to remember.

Oh, and that book in your hands. You discover another new world while reading.

Don’t you just love  weekends?

Welcome another month in the calendar. May your month ahead be filled with good health, friendship, compassion, strength and love.



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I again dropped by the Liwasan after the 6:30 am mass today.  The vendors are still there but buyers  were few. Maybe it’s because it’s still early.

I finally bought a jar of this  brown rice brew. It really tastes so good. It has fiber content, low calories and non-fattening too. Besides, it has no caffeine. I am reminded  of those days more than half a century ago when we were growing up in the province with my grandmother. Instant coffee was unheard of in the vicinity so what she usually do around that time is to roast rice until it turns brown then she adds water  and boil it. You can keep the roasted brown rice for a week in a jar. It is a poor man’s coffee. I seldom drink coffee nowadays so I thought of this . It’s just a 165 gram small bottle.

I’ve been reading a lot lately. I found another book by Markus Zusak, He is the author of that much-acclaimed book entitled  The Book Thief. Looking forward to reading Bridge of Clay. I  recently finished The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly. It’s a thriller and it was hard to put down.  Presently, I am in the middle of reading The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart, a first by this author. There is a movie adaptation I’ve seen on YouTube but I want to finish the book first before watching it.

Have a nice start  of the month. It is almost summer here.


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