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I posted this reflection back in February 6, 2011. Those were the times when “like” was not yet a feature of the WordPress app. Now you can convert it to emoticons and you can also use other emojis provided by theĀ  WordPress editor. There are no limits šŸ™‚

These are the same gospelĀ  readings today.Ā  And here’s a short reflection that I made back then.

Salt and light are the metaphors used by Jesus in todayā€™s Gospel.Ā Ā  I love how the two words are intertwined ā€“ the earth is dark because of our sins and our livesĀ  seem bland because there is no salt in it.Ā  We are included in the mission that Jesus gives us, to proclaim and to announce His Kingship everywhere and to invite people to enter into His Kingdom.Ā  Being a Christian is not just through words, we must make good use of ourselves, our talents, we give taste to whatever we do in life. Christian life is how you relate to people.Ā  Only when we follow Christā€™s teaching and examples that we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Going back to this morning’s mass, I sat in a pew different from the one I usually sit on. And during the homily, I noticed these carvingsĀ  like: “CALL ME at this number_______ and somethingĀ  like : I need a GF with another cell phone number _____. I smiled and thought, maybe, those who have written these words badly need friends. But why would they destroyĀ  the pristineĀ  varnish/coat of the pew to get noticed? IĀ  remember those days when I was still in college, students would leave chain letters near the church fonts or at those seats in the library where I used to work.Ā  I never believed in chain mails/letters even if they contain some religious one that you have to pray for to obtain favors. Faith and worship are not conditional. Either you believe or you don’t.

I bought a few groceries at SaveMore on my way home from church. There is a glaring absence of morning shoppers unlike whenĀ  the 2019nCoV was still unheard of.Ā  Maybe like me, they are wary too. Everyday,Ā  we getĀ  updated of deaths andĀ  individuals showing signs of the virus.Ā  You’ve got to have these at home – alcohol (bought a few bottles), rolls of tissue paper andĀ  hand sanitizer. Good thing there is no panic buying here except for finding unavailable face masks for the people’s daily use.Ā  As I have said before in my previous blogs, I often wear face masks (either washable cloths or the disposable ones) when I go out. That started when I got sick more than ten yeas ago. Chemotherapy affects the immune system. It weakens it. And I am afraid of the pollution brought aboutĀ  by vehicles and motorcycles on the road.

Have a blessed Sunday all.


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