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Now I am beginning to understand based on the various reports and readings that I’ve done since last night.

The lightning that those near the volcano have seen and experienced was really not a lightning from the sky but it comes from the mouth of the volcano. It is an electrical charge not caused by thunderstorms but discharged by the volcanic eruption. When fragmenting particles of volcanic ash collides, it generates static electricity.

These lightning occurrences tell us that a major eruption is most likely to happen, with lava and magma flow from the mouth of the volcano. So that means, we haven’t experienced the major eruption yet.  When it reaches alert level number 5, that’s the most destructive part of it all. And Taal volcano is showing continued signs of activity.

Please God, keep us from the worst thing that will happen. We pray for deliverance from the wrath of nature.


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Reposting these photos of Taal Lake and that inactive crater in one of  our trips in Batangas a few years ago.


Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s actually one of the scenic spots in the country.  We had an office excursion several years ago in one of the towns facing Taal. There were so many who were surfing, sailing and wakeboarding.

A closer view of the volcano before its eruption from wikakids.com

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We covered our car last night since it was newly washed a few hours before the Taal volcano eruption.

Early this morning, I went out to check my garden.  The garden set is full of ash. I have to water the plants pronto. I had to wear face mask when I went out of our garage to sweep the front of the house. My golly, even the street is thick with ash. I have to sweep the sidewalk  so it won’t enter the house when the  wind blows. The ash even if we don’t see it fall is detrimental to our health especially to those people with asthma.  Our windows are all closed

Look at these photos. They were taken in one of the towns affected by the eruption.

culled from Phil. Weather Systems/Earthquake Update


Even the plants were covered in mud.

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