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Lately I’ve been thinking about it, that one word …..journeys!

The last few days, I’ve kept in touched with friends, some are former officemates, some I’ve met  at our Catholic page on Facebook where I am one of the admins, some are friends I’ve previously met online. We talked about our families, our dreams and life itself.


For some, it may mean going to some places they’ve never been to, exploring, getting to know people. But I am talking about those days that we travel life’s highways.  We meet people along the way, gain and learn lessons from our experiences.  We don’t always travel on life’s paved roads, most of the time we encounter rough and unpaved, unknown and narrow ones. We move on, trying to reach our destinations.

My friends and I talked of growing old and getting older. It’s not that we wish to alter what life deals us but we are in agreement  that we don’t really want to reach that age where we get dependent  on our kids to take care of us. Here in our country, it’s in our culture that we take care of our olds until they leave this earth. Home care, stay-in facilities and assisted living are really not great options for us. Besides, those are quite unaffordable for an average families like us.


We sometimes get lost but in the process  we discover beautiful paths. Let’s enjoy every moment of the journey. Let’s be bold enough to face those unexpected trails and thorny paths. Let us not focus on how far we still have to go before we reach our destinations. Let’s take time to smell the flowers along the way.


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