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I know it is not yet the end of the Christmas season. We have until the Baptism of the Lord which is on January 12 to celebrate it. As I have said before, it is the shortest season in the calendar. I already took down some of our Christmas decorations though, washed the garlands before keeping them again in their individual boxes. I couldn’t reach the cabinet where our decorations are kept. One needs to use a ladder to access it that is why  I am waiting for Josef’s help to keep them all.

I have this small Nativity table decor with winding music. Today is the last time I played it again. That beautiful harp music was truly lovely. It plays three Christmas songs. Why is it that Christmas music always brings a bit of nostalgia?

General cleaning too after the fumes brought in by those firecrackers outside. I threw away a bagful of old receipts and will begin another file in the coming days. There is nothing like keeping things to a minimum, discarding those which one no longer needs.

My cellphone which is just more than two months in my possession cannot send and receive messages for the past week. I was alarmed although I can still use every app installed in it.  Josef removed the Nano SIM card and put it back again. Presto, it was fixed. Maybe it was dislodged a little. I had that old SIM cut to the minimum when I purchased my phone on my birthday.  I was ready to go to Globe Telecom to have it checked  since it is still under warranty.  Talk about being ignorant of simple things like this. Good thing Josef knows how to do it.

I started reading another book by Amy Harmon but I am still busy checking and reading those so many messages  re: New Year greetings. Messenger is so easy to use as long as you have wifi connection. I was able to call some of my friends living abroad via Messenger. That thing we call “one to sawa” (from a few minutes to an hour….haha). It is always nice to get in touch with friends that you haven’t seen for a while. The excitement of exchanging news, updating each other on our lives at the moment…..really priceless.

How was your New Year celebration?



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