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  • Ah yes, no more coffee, it’s just a mug of tea.
  • We were both in line at the cashier’s counter today, you only have one item in your basket so I said “go ahead”. You smiled and that started a lovely conversation. You talked about how you will celebrate New Year. I told you what I will prepare for Media Noche. We smiled then you said goodbye.
  • There was this pretty  little girl at the pew of the Church where I was seated early this morning.  She kept looking at my rosary beads while we were both waiting for the mass to begin.  She smiled shyly and touched the cross of the rosary. If I’ve been carrying another one, I would have given it to her. Next time, I’ll resume making rosaries to give to friends.
  • Fr. Lovell caught me on Messenger early this morning. I asked him if he is enjoying the snow in Vancouver. He sent photos instead.
  • I changed my cover photo at  Facebook today.  It’s a picture of a lovely rose bloom that I posted here years ago. The caption says:

A single rose can be my garden…. a single friend. my world. – leo buscaglia


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