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By hook or by crook, I have to learn to use this gadget.

I am like a kid groping, relearning things again. I could not even find my reader feed to be able to see and make comments on your posts.

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6th Day Of Simbang Gabi

Watched three masses today aside from the regular Simbang Gabi mass that I attended. The morning mass was presided by my priest son Fr. Lovell at Manila Cathedral. The other anticipated mass was presided by our priest friend Fr. Aly. They both delivered meaningful and uplifting homilies.

Was able to talk to Fr. Lovell last night before his scheduled 8pm mass. We talked about the family’s health, the upcoming Christmas celebration and updating each other on some recent news. So glad to know he’ll be spending Christmas and New Year in Canada.

Would love to invite Fr. Aly to dinner one of these days when they are no longer busy at the shrine. The kids and I miss his jokes and his earlier life at the seminary.

Just a thought, some government paid bloggers have decided to quit and stop their FAKE NEWS when they learned of the US plan to not give visas to those who are involved in human rights violation and extra-judicial killings but I doubt if they would remain silent for good. They might be cooking up other names in the process. This early, they are brandishing for a duterte tandem come 2022, the daughter would run as president while duterte would be his vice. Mind-conditioning? Yes I believe so. My goodness one mistake of electing a duterte in the government is enough. Most of his still believe in what he says, hook, line and sinker.

Where are we going Philippines?

I still don’t know how to attach tags here using this tab. Need help please.


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