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In case you’re wondering, “tita” simply means an auntie in our language.

Yesterday, Louie, the son of my youngest brother graduated from Architecture. I blogged about my niece and nephews’ achievements several days ago. Since they live across the miles, I’ve always been proud of every good news that I receive from them.

Years ago, Louie sent me one of his pencil sketches  when he was just sixteen years old. I blogged about it here.  That was the start of his leanings to the arts. Taking up architecture in college is another  step ahead.

He took the course in just four and a half years instead of five.


He is the awardee for Jack and Carol Corgan Award for 2019 at Oklahoma State University. Noel tells me that those names of the awardees every year since 2014 are permanently posted in their school.

I remember my own blessed time when Nissa graduated from college. She graduated Magna Cum Laude at the Univ. of Santo Tomas where my siblings, my son and I also studied.  She’s now a manager of the bank where she works.

When our kids show outstanding performance in school, we are probably prouder than they are.


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