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Time flies.

It is the second Sunday of Advent and before you know it, Christmas is here.

I again chanced upon our good friend Fr. Aly as the mass presider this morning. What a lovely and great homily.  You know that kind of reflection that would make you think about life, smile and laugh a little in between. For so many years, I’ve missed this kind of reflection on the gospel.

December 8 happens on a Sunday and the Immaculate Conception is supposed to be celebrated today but during the Advent Season and Lent, church’s feasts are usually celebrated the following day when they fall on a Sunday. Sunday celebration of the Holy Mass always takes precedence over other feasts.

I spent a little time in the garden this afternoon, a relaxing way to pass Sunday while listening to my favorite radio station. Weeding and sweeping the yard is something I like better than trimming our carabao grass. It is easier on the hands and my back.  Just getting ready for the holidays.

I started reading Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer today. An engrossing read but I understand this is a series so I have to look for book 2 when I’m done with it. It begins with the epic tale of Harry Clifton’s life in the 1920’s. It covers the ravages of the  Great  War to the outbreak of the Send World War. This has been on my wish list for  quite sometime. I love stories with historical plots. Oh my, looking at my Goodreads’ library, I’ve already read book three to book five years ago but I have forgotten the stories. Those books are still on my shelf though. I guess I have to reread them again sometime.

I’ve just noticed that I’ve been blogging every day since the start of December. I really hope I could make it through the end of the year. It’s like another challenge for me 🙂


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