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Nissa was still on vacation leave until yesterday. She watched the Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour Manila last night together with a friend. Twenty four years ago, my young daughter became a fan. She bought CDs and magazines of the boy band and  also watched their previous concert held here several years ago. Josef and I had to watch a movie at Ali Mall while waiting for her.

Back then, we all hummed and sang along to their brand of music. They have grown old of course and have regrouped again for this world tour. Nissa was ecstatic. She went to the venue early. She took shot of the group but she posted these photos on her wall at FB, a picture of much older Nick Carter and of the group. She even took a video of their opening number. You can hear the shouts and “kilig” moments of their loyal fans. She booked her ticket six months ago I think. My, but the tickets are so expensive. She also watched other foreign artists who held concerts here before she got married.


A loyal fan. She told me they have a new album.

Watching other videos uploaded by Nissa. The hat dance was lovely 🙂


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Yeay, I’m enjoying tinkering with my new phone. The three cameras are great. One is for selfie but I am not fond of selfie, one is for wide-angle shot which can be used to zoom out and shoot landscape. The rear camera is for regular use.

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