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Thunderstorms in Singapore?

Nissa’s family is scheduled to visit the zoo today (and it’s already fully paid) but she said it is raining. This is their fourth day in Singapore and Nate is enjoying it although twice now at night he had slight fever probably due to fatigue. Yesterday, they were at the Universal Studios the whole day then rode on the cable car afterwards. Nate complained that he was tired 😦 This is Nate’s first trip abroad although every year Nissa schedules trips in different provinces here in the Philippines. It’s a seventh birthday gift for him.

Nice to see them via a video chat with my niece who is staying there. And since Nissa could not use her phone except when they are at the hotel through messenger, my niece let her borrow one of her iPhones just until Thursday before they go home.

Five more days to go before I turn 63. Wonder how it feels to be on my 63rd year. Somewhat exciting but I am getting old.

They were able to visit the zoo after all. Tomorrow would be more exciting for Nate, it’s Legoland Malaysia.

So there is a branch of our local Jollibee there at Causeway point Woodlands but according to Nissa, the price is twice more expensive than what we have here in the Philippines.



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