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You will never really know how strong you are until you encounter pain and vicissitudes in life.  Experiences teach us how to be strong amidst trials and tribulations.

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Go gently with life, savour each moment that passes, because tomorrow it will just be a memory.

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Tasty Snack

Yesterday was market day for us and when it is, we are not usually able to prepare a hearty breakfast for the family. We always opt to buy pandesal.  Pandesal is our classic Filipino bread  roll which is usually eaten at breakfast. They say it is a poor man’s meal. Some dip it in a hot cup of coffee, some make use of peanut butter or sweetened coconut cream (we call it matamis na bao in Tagalog). We always have scrambled egg to go with it though. You can buy pandesal in your neighborhood bakery, freshly baked for the morning.

Josef bought P50 worth and that is equivalent to 25 pieces. We weren’t able to consume it all of course so we put the rest in the ref.  Just perfect, perfect for a pizza pandesal. It is the simplest way to consume the leftover bread, making pizza.  All you need is a can of sardines (break it into a smooth paste with the sauce in it), halved pandesal, grated cheese and thinly sliced white onion.  Bake it in the oven for at least ten minutes or until the cheese melts. Voila! You have a tasty snack.

You can use any topping you want, you can even spread pizza sauce on the halved pandesal before your desired ingredients on top. I’ve wished I’ve taken a picture of it but I haven’t uploaded an FB app on my new tab. My other cell phone (an old Samsung S 5) is no longer working).

This is a photo from Panlasang Pinoy


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I am reviving my Heartland Series. They are those one liner posts that I used to write some nine and eight years ago. I tell you it’s fun when you have those thoughts playing inside your head and you wanted a voice to bring them up.

Here’s number 8.

Our God is a God of second chances.

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