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I awoke at dawn to the tweets and chirps

Of  Maya birds outside our window,

Are they saying “good morning” perhaps?

And inviting me to greet a new day?

Such a tranquil scene

And I feel God’s  tender kisses all over again.

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It seems like this is a slow read for me. I am only about 37.7% done and I’ve been at it for almost three days now. No, there is nothing wrong with the book, in fact I love the story but I get so sleepy when I start to read.

Last night, I thought of reading for at least two hours before bedtime but I was asleep at 7 pm. Gosh, the other two nights were disasters because no matter what I did, my mind was awake. I had the radio on to a music station for two straight nights but it was a no go.

Maybe, this is part of getting and growing old. Sometimes, the ritual changes.


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