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It’s the start of the second BER month of the year.

And it’s the Holy Rosary month.

Did I say it’s 85 days to go before December 25th?

Ah, let me celebrate my birth month first before thinking of Christmas. The truth is that I want  to start buying Christmas gifts for the family. I want to avoid the mad rush before the event.

Time flies.

September is gone and October is rushing its wings. Before you know it, another year is over.

Been to my doctor this morning and it’s a good thing the result of my FBS  is still within the normal range (that is for so many months now).  No more blood extraction next visit, my doctor said. As I was the first patient  he saw, he could still afford to make jokes. He told me in jest to dye my hair so I’ll look younger. I told him I wanted it all white but I know it would take more years before it turns that color.

I was sad to learn that mom’s internist at the hospital near our place died of leukemia. He was my doctor’s mentor from way back. Maybe that is why, another younger doctor has take over when mom had her check-up a few month back.  He’s been dad’s doctor too many years ago.

Life is short.

Time is when you feel the aches and pains of growing old. The knee sometimes hurts and you find it hard to walk long distance. I would have wanted to do more of those morning exercise….walking.  A good exercise is always best.


Read before your eyes fail you. Visit places you’ve dreamed of visiting but you can through books. Readers live a thousand lives before they die so they always say. And reading brings us unknown friends.




Love life.


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