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Where are they now?

Those long-ago bloggers who used to be so active in commenting then all of a sudden, they are gone. I miss their blog posts. From time to time, I see their comments in my old blog entries and when I click their site links, either the blog has become a private one or they have stopped posting altogether.

When does one stop blogging? I’ve been in the blogging world for ten years now and it did not even come to mind to stop sharing here. As I’ve always said before,  blogging has somehow become a way of life. You get to know people from all walks of life, you meet friends and it seems the geography becomes just a few minutes of visits and updates.  The places they visit become your world for a while too. You get to laugh and smile about their adventures and empathize with them in their misfortunes.

Of course, it is always  nice to meet new bloggers and old ones whose blogs you have just discovered. It is nice to get updates in places you have never been to but you see them vividly in pictures. It is always nice to share your thoughts and somewhere, somehow, someone is glad to hear from you.

Content still counts though. There is nothing like a good content that attracts fellow bloggers and writers to read your blog. Blogging is like going to school focusing on specific subjects one day at a time. I write, you read. You interact, I reply. And when we are happy with the interaction, we form a friendship. We look forward to the next post  sometimes with bated breath. What is in store for me today?

A blog entry isn’t just a long text, it is an opportunity to meet people, a chance to meet friends.


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It’s been a while! And that means it’s been three days since I last posted here.

There is nothing much really except I got caught reading some books that I just could not put down.  Would you believe, in all the years that I am into reading and  discovering new authors, this is the first time I encountered a story like this. Tin Man by Sarah Winman is vastly different from the young adult books that I used to read before. It tells about alternative lives, two boys and a girl caught in a love triangle. The first part of the narrative tells the story of Ellis who wanted to be an artist but his father was opposed to it. It tells the story of two teenage boys who fell in love briefly then Ellis got married and Michael became the best friend of his wife Annie.  The poignant remembrance, the memories kept in between the years. The second part tells the story of Michael  and being caught by that dreaded disease. It tells how he treasured those early days of his friendship with his best friend Ellis, the impact of grief, love lost and loneliness.  It is actually a short book but made an impact to a reader like me.  I also read some excerpts on Timeless Moments by Michelle Kidd, another new author in my list.  I started earlier with Stephen Orr’s Time’s Long Ruin but I got confused by the character so I switched to another book called Welcome to Harmony by Jodi Thomas. It is actually the first book in a series.  I wish I could find the other books.

When books reign in your world for a while, you forget to update your blog….haha 🙂

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