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Oh gosh, I could not open my tab. It just blacked out but it is charging. I have to wait for Josef to do the trick. I couldn’t read e-books since they are all in there. When you are used to reading bigger fonts with light in it, you’ll wonder how you ever survived reading those small prints in a real book. I am learning how ….again.

It’s a good thing I still have my other CP to use for texting and calling. I use the unli call feature of Globe almost every day to call my brother in the province. P20.00 is good for 24 hours of calls without limit. Sometimes, I use messenger to call my cousin and niece. They are always online but I don’t like using my CP to connect to Facebook. I always prefer my reliable PC to connect to Facebook. Since I don’t have a microphone on the speaker attached, I could not use the messenger for calling. Viber is having problems. I am thinking of removing  it then reinstalling it again. It might work.

How have we become so dependent on these gadgets? Our lives have evolved using them almost every day. What if internet hasn’t been in use yet? For some, letter-writing has become somehow obsolete. E-mails are way, way faster to communicate. I still love receiving snail mails though, hand-written letters or greeting cards. I love that feeling that it is better thought of and personally given enough time by the writer.

Do you love snail mail like I do?


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