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“You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!” – Dr. Seuss

Nissa said:  “So nice to see you interested in reading and bringing your book everywhere – and a real novel at that, not a picture book. We’ll make a bookworm out of you yet”.

I was so curious so I asked what book it is.

She answered: ” The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer Holm”

Wow 🙂

Way to go Nate. I’ll buy you more books when you grow up. Read the one I gave you too, the one entitled Stuart Little. 


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For about three days now, it’s been raining cats and dogs again because of the “habagat” winds.  I love the rain when it is just for a while but I don’t like the intermittent ones that bring havoc to traffic on the roads and flash flood to streets which unfortunately sometimes even floods homes like ours. I am always wary of it when rainy season comes. The months of August and September are the most rainy months here. The only good thing about it is the weather is cold and it is nice to just stay at home and  read.

Josef connected his Bose sound link to my cellphone and I am tuned in to YouTube listening to the album of the Beatles and other artists of the 60’s and 70’s.  Ah, we’re using the blue tooth features of the CP. It is wonderful to listen to music when the sound is so good. Rainy days bring that nostalgic longing for old songs of yesteryears.

I thought I am lagging behind my reading goals for this year. I haven’t read a book for more than a week when I was in the province.  When I checked my Goodreads account, I am still advanced by 22 books.  I started one last night.  It’s about the Spanish Civil War back in the mid 1930’s. I brought home three books which one of my nieces gave me when I had lunch with them a few days ago – The Death Instinct by Jed Rubenfeld, After the Fall by Charity Norman and The Affair by Santa Montefiore. The last author is quite familiar but I haven’t read books by these three authors yet. Looking forward to reading these three after the historical fiction about Spain that I am reading at the moment. Hopefully….

I am not much updated with the news about our lunatic president. Yesterday though, he even asked the firemen of the country to arm themselves and help the police fight “supposed” crimes in the country. What! Firemen with guns? Aren’t they there to protect the people from the eventualities of fire?  This is insane. I pity our beloved country  going down the drain fast. They are distracting the people from the real issues of extra-judicial killings, drugs, chinese nationals rapidly “invading” some places in the country, the seven-hour-glitch in the last election making all administration candidates win, the corruption galore of those appointed in sensitive positions in the government. I could go on and on and  it really pains me to see our struggling economy since the focus of the government is somewhere else. Sad, really sad.

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