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I have good news guys but first I want to thank you all again for your concerns, good thoughts and prayers for my brother.  He is finally going home tomorrow after more than two weeks stay at the hospital. He’ll be on a restricted diet of brown rice, green vegetables, fruits and fish. No meat.

It’s a good thing there are plenty of greens in our yard and in our baranggay. They are easier to obtain than buying meat in the market. You can even get them free from neighbors and relatives.

His doctor is so supportive. The result of the CT scan is not yet in but he is free to consult his physician anytime.  I told him to follow the doctor’s advice to the letter.

They say GOOD LUCK comes in threes. Received two today.  I consider them blessings though. THANK GOD for His graces.


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Nissa’s way of saying Thank You. I love it. There is nothing impossible with God when you pray fervently.

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I can’t contain my joy. Nissa messaged me  a while ago and said she has been promoted to being a Manager at Bank of the Phil. Islands effective July 01, 2019.  She’s been waiting for this for quite a while since she’s been an Asst. Manager for a number of years.


Today is also the 168th anniversary of Bank of the Philippine Islands. I remember the early morning masses every year that BPI celebrates during its anniversary, the free key chains…haha (have lots of those). I miss your portals.

Bank of PI was founded in 1851, hence we used to have the 1851 Club. They are in the process of building a new head office at the same site where we used to have the old building.  It is the fourth largest bank in terms of assets, the second largest bank in terms of market capitalization, It is the fourth largest bank in terms of assets, the second largest bank in terms of market capitalization. The bank has a network of over 900 branches in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Europe, and more than 3,000 ATMs and CDMs (cash deposit machines).

Proud to be a unibanker here. I worked at the bank for more than twenty one years. Nissa’s hubby Obet also works as Senior Manager at the bank. Unibankers all 🙂

Going back to Nissa’s promotion, it’s so timely. Maybe in due time, they could now transfer to their new home in another area. There are so many things to do yet but the house is well-built and have a lovely facade. They still need divisions for bedrooms and another additional room.

I am proud of my kids. Josef has been recently promoted to a managerial position too. Their achievements are also mine.

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