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Late lunch. Just one of those you buy in the supermarket then just cook for a while then presto….lunch is served.

Had to undergo  routinary laboratory tests for UTI and and FBS. The latter needs fasting for at least eight hours. I’ll go back to my doctor once I get the results of my lab tests. Just bought  medicines for a whole month supply for maintenance and such.  I bought a topical ointment for my blistered fingers because one of them is sore and swollen. I was surprised by the price, a 5-gram tube is so expensive. I couldn’t garden because I could not wear a glove on my right hand since I cannot fold one of my fingers.  So inconvenient really!

I guess it’s time to sit back and relax for a while, catch on my reading and maybe find new titles online to buy later.  The other night, I watched a lovely movie on YouTube.  Har, har, why couldn’t I remember the title now? These senior moments are sometimes quite annoying.  Or maybe listen to good old music on my transistor radio while trying to take an afternoon nap.

Wow, I remember now, it’s a Hallmark  Hall of Fame  production.called The Magic of  Ordinary Days, an adaptation from a book of the same title.  Though I am not that enthusiastic about watching television programs and movie features, I visit YouTube once in a while and watch their free movies.  And once in a while,  I do find movies worth-watching.

Do you watch YouTube movies? It’s where I found some movie adaptations of the books of my favorite author Richard  Paul Evans.




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