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This is quite a domestic topic but I just remembered to blog about it.

I often hear and read about this, vinegar use as rinse in your wash but I only tried doing it about a month ago when a friend told me that I can use it safely. We don’t have  a dryer here. Most washing machines have spin dry tub attached to it. Since this is a tropical country, we make use of the sunny days to dry our clothes.  Clothes line with your wash gently swinging in the breeze is still I think the best way to get your clothes dry and feeling fresh. Vinegar removes that mildew smell in your towels  and clothes.

I seldom use fabric fresheners nowadays. Taking advantage of the sunny weather.  It is a blessing that those with practical uses are often in our kitchen but we just ignore them.

Do you know that vinegar just like baking soda is a multi-purpose cleaner too? It’s a great way to make a paste of it mixed with baking soda and dishwashing liquid. Josef cleans the lavatory using this mixture and it is very effective. Just use a little amount of vinegar.


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