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First I’d like to say, I have nothing against lawyers Their choice of profession is theirs and theirs alone. They may  have  been influenced by family members, peers, friends and the like.

Yesterday, the result of the Bar examination for 2018 was released and the topnotcher  is a graduate from Ateneo Law School, a valedictorian in their class. Only 22.07% made it (1,800 out of 8,158 examinees). Tears of joy and laughter, tears of triumph prevailed but  most of them didn’t make it. There is always a next time. It must be really tough to review and take the Bar. Imagine so many years of schooling just to fail at the final stretch.

Back when I was still working as a student librarian at the university where I graduated, I found those law students weird (although some of them were friends of mine). Take a look at one serious student at the corner of the library with those thick law books memorizing and understanding all those legalese. As they say, you need to sweat the small stuff. They look older than the regular students you see everyday.

Law is a fascinating subject. I took 12 units of it when I was in college. Obligations and Contract, Negotiable Instruments, Business Ethics and the like. One needs to focus in order to survive. And if you are lucky to have a good lawyer professor, then you might learn to appreciate the subject.

Personally, I don’t think we need more lawyers. Almost all of those who enter politics are lawyers. We have plenty of them. But not all of them are good politicians. Some are crook, some are plunderers and corrupt. They know how to twist and circumnavigate the law to their advantage. We have to admit though that it is where the money is.

I really hope we could also produce enough  graduates in science courses. Some friends that I know even seek scholarship from abroad in order to further their studies. Science research is I think neglected in the long run.


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