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Done a week-old laundry early this morning, watered the garden, cleaned the house and now it’s time to relax…. 🙂

It rained last night, first rain in May but I guess it was just a drizzle. It didn’t even wet the grass so much.  When  I woke up, the heat was terrible. It was not your usual early morning breeze where you feel the cold a little before the sun rises.

I’ve mentioned earlier that I am enjoying listening to Josef’s Bose soundlink mini – clear crisp sound, buong-buo as they say in Tagalog.  Bose’ wireless speakers are really good especially when you play instrumental music.  It delivers pure natural sound and the bass is just right, deep but whole. It’s like playing music on a big stereo but you only have a portable, wireless speaker.

Music is the language of the soul, so we hear artists say. It evokes memories. Have you ever remembered one particular event in your life that you associated with music? It makes us laugh, it makes us cry. If you love listening to it, you are in good company. According to some scientific studies, music lowers stress and improves health. Listen to it, sing along, tap your feet while listening.

Lately, I’ve used my transistor radio a lot listening to some old songs while catching on my reading. There is a radio station here that does not have commercial breaks, just good old music all the way.

Sing that tune, dance to the beat, shout with joy. Music will always be here after all.





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