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My dearest Mom,

Of course I didn’t forget, it is your birthday today. How I wish you were here with us. If you were here, at least tomorrow we could go out and celebrate your 90th birthday.

I can’t imagine myself reaching that age. Nine decades of happy and blessed life. I know you sometimes forget, simple things that still you ought to remember. Then you will say “anto layay ulok, alingwanan ko la”. (Gosh, I always forget).  But you know that you forgot something.  Maybe it comes with old age. I always hear this phrase that  “when you reach 80, everything is a bonus”.

We are blessed too that you are still with us despite your age. Hopefully, you’ll still see Nate growing up. I am proud to say, he is a smart boy.

May you always remain strong and healthy and most of all happy.


from a loving daughter.


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