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This makes me smile.

For the second time today, I watered the plants a few minutes ago. They are so dry even the carabao grass is not growing as it should.  So many things kept intruding, the latest book I finished this afternoon, the songs being played on the radio all day long.  There is this radio station that broadcasts news and entertain phone-in questions from listeners in the morning but plays old music, think 60’s and a spattering of 70’s music, until the wee hours of the morning the next day.

For so many nights now, I let the radio tuned to this station while I read. It’s a soothing feeling of nostalgia and remembrance listening to old songs. I keep the volume very low, good enough to just hear the music playing. Some people get distracted listening to the radio and reading at the same time. I’m not. I got used to it.

Going back to the garden, sometimes it is just so nice to aim the tip of the water hose to your feet and on your face and feel the flow and spray of water, so refreshing. It’s summer and I can’t help thinking of those beach trips we used to have.


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