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I had a brief chat with my friend Grace early this morning about the latest situation in our country. She’s now back in Canada.

We talked of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict and Pope Francis even comparing the two of them. I told her Pope Benedict is a better writer than  Pope Francis and she replied, “At mas totoo sa Catholic faith si Pope Benedict”.

We touched on the present political situation here in our country. That the Philippines turned into having the most corrupt leader of all. His war on drugs has resulted on thousands of poor Filipinos killed.  And why is it that before drug comes at the back door while these days the Bureau of  Customs has become inutile in preventing these drugs to pass through their agency? Harap-harapan na. Wala ng tinatago. 

“Sometimes you ask, why is God allowing all these to happen?”, I said.

“Sometimes, we tend to pass the blame on to the generous and loving God who gave us free will. Freedom which people abuse.” Grace answered.
Abuse of power, abuse of their given mandate by the people. When will this end? This is is why the coming mid-term election is so crucial to us all. Dutz has the backing of Congress, the  Supreme Court, majority of the presently elected senators, the PNP and some local officials of the land.  We need to have the opposition win so we would have a voice in the Senate.  You are not here to serve one man, you are here to serve the Filipino people.  The ship is sinking fast. The government is getting out of control. Everyone who opposes is an enemy. I often ask myself, “where are we going?” 
When you are surrounded by lies, you’ll believe it is the truth. There is a saying that goes, “ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw.” And when you think about it, the thief is like a liar. If you lie, you are withholding the truth.

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