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I was clearly surprised seeing all these back reads from my previous posts here. Thank you so much Damyanti for  appreciating my posts. Just please click the link to go to her site. She has lots of followers and she writes so well. Been following her for years.

Nissa and I had a lovely time looking at all the pictures she took when they were in Baguio more than a week ago. I saw Nate in Igorot costume and I told Nissa to upload those pics. Some photos were taken by Nate. He is beginning to appreciate how to take pictures.  They even visited Bencab Museum and took photos too. It’s owned by one of our national artists Benedicto Reyes Cabrera more popularly known as Bencab. So curious to see all those artworks.

Looking back, Nissa and I seldom go out together since she got married except of course when there are special events in the family. We thrive on phone calls, messages and texts and once a month, they come over to visit us at home. I always look forward to those days when we can update each other and exchange book titles that we have read.

And speaking of books, I just finished reading Stay With Me, my first book about how life is in Nigeria by a Nigerian author Ayobami Aedebayo. It’s a debut novel about married life and its intricacies, how certain decisions though well-intentioned could go wrong in a heartbeat. It speaks of their culture and touched briefly on the political unrest in Nigeria. It’s my 37th  read this year.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. It’s the six-week period leading to Easter.


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