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So much hype about Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not being cynical but I don’t envy those who seem frantic on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Malls are dressed up with red hearts and red balloons shaped like hearts.  You’d think they are celebrating another  Christmas. Chocolates packaged in heart-shaped containers, fake rose blooms in one corner and those real flowers cost sky-high.

I was watching a morning show today and one of their reporters showed a portion of Dangwa Flower Stalls full of different blooms (imported and locally produced). The price? You bet, it is twice as much from last week. If you’ll have it arranged, you’ll pay more. Those vendors make a killing during these times.  Flower arrangements come in boxes or in a bundle of  dozen roses or one long stem with a little bar of chocolate thrown in. Even eateries and restaurants are full during Valentine’s Day.

When I was still working at the bank many, many years ago and most of us girls were not yet married, we had a grand time teasing those office mates who got flowers.  There was even a time when a singing telegram was in vogue and we laughed while a guy with a guitar serenaded some of us, singing love songs.  Quite embarrassing for the girl to be serenaded in front of all her office mates in the middle of the day. But our boss was always all smiles to see love-a-blooming.

Once you get older, Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day for you.  It doesn’t mean though that love comes flying out of the window. Sometimes you are just too busy to celebrate it. You can always tell your loved ones any day of the year that they are special and you care.

Do you still celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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