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It was a lovely morning spent with Nate and Nissa. As Obet wasn’t around to drive for them, they came here via a Grab car and left the same way a few minutes ago.

After lunch, Nate and I  read his books.  I am so amazed. Last time we read together, Nate could barely pronounce the words right but now he is quite fast enough to pronounce the words. Except for those “ed” of past tenses which he pronounce as it is spelled, he could read them all.

When we were kids, mom and dad didn’t enrol us in kindergarten.  There was no grade level like that in the province. I told  Nate that when I was his age, I was just learning to write my ABC.  It is so different now, they have all the tools to learn easier than before.

Nissa gifted me with a bottle of Olive moisturizing lotion  (it smells so heavenly) and a box of Mark  and Spencer organic green tea. She knows I love tea. Just perfect for those cinnamon raisin cookies that I baked earlier.

Nate calls this his wacky shot. As he was moving a lot, it was somehow blurry. He took photos of all the corners of the house including our shelves of books, Oreo, Mom while playing cards and different angles of our sala. I erased most of them and we were laughing so loud when he took Nissa’s photo atop the bed.

What a lovely Saturday and  when  Nate  is around it is even lovelier.


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