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Just attended an early dinner with the members of Gardeners’ Tambayan at Facebook in our neighbor’s house. Some of them came over earlier to visit my garden and asked for some cuttings  for planting.

This was the first time I met some of them and it was a lovely and lively gathering. Jom gave me a small pot of a variegated plant which is great for indoor but I don’t know its name.  The food was great and all of them were so friendly.

I left early because mom was alone in the house and she doesn’t want to be alone even if I was just across the street. I enjoyed it though. Bonding with fellow garden enthusiasts was simply great. Most of them brought seedlings and seeds for planting. Someone brought lovely pots of dainty rose blooms. Succulents were plenty too.

When you talk about something dear to the heart, your heart swells with joy.


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