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She thinks of the days passing by.

She hopes for better things to come.

Someday, she would write another poem.

Maybe talk about her pretty dog Noki

And her pet Oreo.

Maybe  she would cultivate a vegetable garden

More than the ornamental planted there.

She talks about finding more books to read.

More book reviews to write about.

Simple things that make life what it is.

Simple things that make one happy.

Joy is contagious when shared.

The laughter, the smiles, and conversations

Deep into the night.

She dreams one more time.

That life will treat her well

As the days go by.


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That was a nice meeting with Mayor Kit at our village basketball court together with other homeowners of the subdivision. We tackled the present problems of the subdivision. We were able to voice out our opinions in the process.

As in the previous times that I’ve met him, he is so down to earth and really listens. His sense of humor is such that we were laughing all throughout the meeting. He has more projects for Cainta especially  for the flood-prone areas of our town which will start next year. It is his third term this coming election. I doubt if anyone else would win over the guy. He has done so much for our town. For the past three years we were the number one town in the whole Philippines. Ours is not yet a city but it is rich, infrastructures and other projects are always being done to improve it.

You can count in your hands politicians who are honest and do their jobs well, Our mayor is one. Hats off to you sir.

I brought Oreo so he could exercise too and he got lots of admirers….haha 🙂

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