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Hello From Oreo

He can’t contain his mirth

He romps, he jumps

he spins and barks his way

to the door.

He seems to say,

“Pick me up please, they’re here”.

(That was while the car was slowly entering the garage).  He was excited. If he could speak instead of bark, he’ll say, “I’m happy”.




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It’s been a long time since I read a John Grisham book and I’ve missed the courtroom scenes which were usually present in almost all of his books.

I enjoyed this one, love the premise of the story. And to think that I  only heard about WWII and the Bataan Death March  from my parents (first hand information on how they lived during the war) and from local history books that I learned in high school and college. The days leading up to the Bataan Death March were catastrophic for the American and Filipino armies that were stationed in Luzon  which composed of several provinces.

I like the detailed description of those brave soldiers who risked their lives for the love of country. I am quite familiar with the places mentioned in the book.

An excellent read about family and wars.

(This is my 143rd book on the 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge).

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I hurt myself when I stepped into a loose stone at the garden while playing with Nate, Nissa and Obet  with the former’s plastic toy gun with plastic bullets. They made two of his  small robot toys as targets.

I sprained my left ankle and it hurt like crazy last night. Jovy made me roll my foot on a hot water bottle and it eased a bit. I used the Betit green balm to massage the hurt area. I still could not walk straight but the pain is almost gone now. Such is the enthusiasm of a lady getting older….haha!

Nissa gave me a big jar of the  Soothing Balm from Human Nature. I could use this for two years I guess or until it expires on the last week of November 2020. Like I told you in my blog before, it is very effective for headaches.

Nissa showed me the healing skin on her knee when she went down while walking along Paseo de Roxas St. in Makati.  Her unblemished leg which I took care of when she was small is now scarred with that fall. I hope, in the future it won’t show.

Sometimes, we feel awkward when these things happen and  are off-balanced. I wonder how we could go to the market tomorrow with this ankle hurting still.

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