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A while ago, I  covered  my new books with plastic including the book I bought for Nate as an additional gift for his 6th birthday. I can’t help but read a few chapters of Stuart Little. I remembered the movie adaptation I’ve seen with my kids years back. Stuart Little is E.B. White’s first book for children.  I laughed at Stuart’s adventures. I hope Nate would love to read this too when he reach that age that he can grasp and understand every sentence in a story.

When Nissa  and Josef were at Nate’s age, I used to buy them books too and exercise pamphlets that would aid them in their studies. I started Nissa with a small journal with lock and key and every year during her birthday  and on some other occasions, I would  buy children’s books that she could share with Josef.  Those Dell books for kids  were certainly a big help to them to appreciate books and reading. We lost all of them when our place got flooded back in 2009.

It’s a thrill to read children’s books  once in a while. You remember the growing up years. You remember the days when you were just learning how to appreciate the written words.


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To tell you the truth, I’ve long wanted to read this book. This has been on my wish list  for quite some time. I just could not find a copy of the book. I tried reading the summary online and it was only a few days ago that I learned there is a movie adaptation on YouTube which is free through another blogger friend here  on WordPress.

The author is Anne Holm and it is a story of a twelve-year old boy who spent his life in prison in a concentration camp right after  WWII. He was given a chance to escape and when he did, all he had  were a compass, a few crusts of bread, his two aching feet, and some vague advice to seek refuge in Denmark.

His story will teach you how to value freedom and what freedom is, how to trust again and relearn life outside of prison.

Last night, I found the movie adaptation in YouTube,
it was not the English version though but I watched it. Later, I saw the English version of the movie and I wanted to watch it again.   I read the recap of the book  and some reviews that were both uplifting and negative, the more I’m inclined to read it.

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